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Sky and I have finally made it out of Christchurch after a long awaited time. Christchurch is a ghost town, after the earthquakes half the city is fenced off and shut down, in ten years and 10 billion dollars later it should be rebuilt. Christchurch is losing 2000 people a week because alot of them are out of jobs. Alot of people have said they think its a good thing for the city, all of the buildings in the city center have to be demolished and rebuilt. In ten years time the city will be completley modern and beautiful once again. While we where there we spent 4 days shopping for a van, we wanted something to travel in and sleep in. is one of the best sites you will find to buy and sell your vehicle. Another we looked at is called And there are plenty of vehicles for sale there. So we finally decided to go for it, although its not exactley what we wanted. But shes reliable and will get us where we need to go. We bought a Toyota Estima diesel with a bed in the back, and we named her “Marissa” and headed out of Christchurch.

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