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Guides Trip 2014

Every year, after a long season of guiding, we are treated to a weekend of debauchery and over indulgence in beer, food, laughter and some much needed fishing. This year most of our a guides made it out including, Scott Smith, Trey Scharp, Tom Montgomery, Ben Brennan, Neil Chamberlin, Max Laprade, Jeff Currier, and myself. […]

First Tarpon on a beach in the middle of nowhere

Blah blah blah im on a deserted island with no chance of fly fishing success until I met a friend through the Whole Wide World of the internet. He says to me he says, walk this way go past the abandoned blah and scale the cliffs and keep going until you see the pelicans bait […]


The most beautiful time of year is here. Cooler temps and yellow foliage now grace our office views. The fishing has been amazing here in the mountains, I love this place we call home. I will fish every day until it snows so please visit once in a while to see what this place has […]

Mad to live

Our guide season is slowly coming to an end here in Jackson. The fishing is still outstanding. unfortunately the tourists are going home to their jobs, school, life in general. Being from a resort town like jackson the shoulder seasons bring a change of pace for those who live here. Although that shift can be […]

August always comes in with a blast

Jackson Hole is a lovely place to fly fish. Within an hours drive from the center of town lies multiple rivers, lakes, creeks, and endless opportunities to cast a fly at hungry trout. The snake river in Grand Teton National park is producing some of the best dry fly fishing around. Casting big foam grasshoppers, […]

Pigs in Paradise

As my 2014 guide season begins i’m restless. I have just come back from six months of travel. Sailing halfway across the world, island hopping alone, lonely, homeless, making friends, saying goodbye to brothers. 9 countries visited and many fish caught. The Caribbean is abeautiful place.  As life goes on it is important to maintain […]


August finally came in with a blast that shook my house and augured little augusticity. I made raspberry jello the color of rubies in the setting sun. Mad raging sunsets poured in seafoams of cloud through unimaginable crags, with every rose tint of hope beyond, I felt just like it, brilliant and bleak beyond words. […]

A visionary’s wish

Im currently camped in front of a deserted bonefish flat by myself. I sleep in my hammock and battle the bugs at night. During the day im seeing cudas, sharks, jacks and alot of big bones! The first bone i saw the other day i caught, a hefty 7 lbs. I can’t believe I have […]

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