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Travels with Dane

Over the last week I have been chasing trout with my friend Dane from South Africa who I met at a gas station recently. We had a great time together and were able to tackle a few rivers and quietly make noise. Dane and I are like brothers and shared many good meals and got […]

Is this a dream?

I have returned from an awesome few days solo backpacking up a really cool river here in New Zealand. A friend dropped me off on the side of the road and said “Good Luck,” with no further hesitation I headed off to now-here, the trout didn’t stand a chance. I stuck my music in for […]

Martin Simpson

I met a guy on the river the other day. His name is Martin Simpson, a kiwi from New Zealand. Martin is a famous trout artist specializing in painting your fish of a lifetime. Every peculiar detail of your catch is included in his paintings. He is also a very keen fly fisherman and we […]

No footprints in the sand

For the last few days I’ve been hanging out with Tony Entwistle and our friend from Jackson Hole, Dennis Butcher. I have been a guides apprentice, and have been honing my skills as an international guide and angler, and have been shadowing Tony and Dennis while they fish. Im not fishing at the moment, and […]


An early start proved to be beneficial yesterday, as Bob and I had one of our most memorable days on the water together. We have been fishing very hard, putting in a lot of miles seeing incredible country, getting outside every day, but having limited fishing success. And no matter what anyone says the goal […]

Go ninja, go!

Bob Ciulla and I have been fishing every day mixed in with a bit of travel. The fishing is a little bit tougher than Bob remembers, his last visit being ten years ago. The other day we saw a massive brown trout feeding on the surface, and swinging below gorging himself on nymphs. I wanted […]

Fishing with Nick Clark

Bob Ciulla and I are loving life at the Clark residence. We are currently in Queenstown again, and have fished a day until the weather turned for the worst yesterday. Nick Clark is a great guide down here in Southland, and has been for 20 years. He knows these rivers very well and has offered […]

Heading down south

I fished with Tony Enwistle one last time before I went south to Queenstown to pick up my friend Bob Ciulla. Tony and I woke up at 5 am to go explore a place where he saw a 15 lb fish. I told him I didn’t want to cast at a fish that big. He said yes […]

A Ragged Dance

In a week my good friend Bob Ciulla is coming to New Zealand to fish and explore with me for two weeks. Now Bob is a very keen fisherman and he has fished here around ten times and has a wealth of knowledge. I hunt Elk in the fall with Bob and cant wait to […]

For the love of life

Our journey has taken us to many incredible spots over the last two weeks. We drove up the west coast to see the retreating glaciers, we shot guns with the mayor, we stayed in a neat little cottage, we got our van stuck in sand and had to flag someone down in a rain and […]


    Over the last week me and my cousins Justin and Connor have been camping and exploring amazing areas all over southern New Zealand. My two cousins are new to fly fishing but are thoroughly enjoying themselves and furthermore picking up a thing or two from me and learning a new craft. Need less […]

Some type of way

Fishing in New Zealand requires a higher order of stream craft, more than any other type of fishing. And usually it helps to have a friend to take pictures and furthermore help spot fish while on the water. Well I dont have any friends. So I have to be resourceful and do everything on my […]

Arrival in New Zealand

Its always a long flight to New Zealand, and no matter how long or short your trip anywhere,  you learn to change your thoughts. Luckily I flew Air New Zealand, and they really took care of me. For dinner I had the choice of either chicken or beef and you know what? I ordered them […]

Memories of past trips to New Zealand

Im currently in the SLC airport during a five hour layover, waiting to hop onto my flight to LAX, and then ultimately a 13 hour red eye tonight starting at 11 PM all the way to Queenstown New Zealand. I cant wait to get back to New Zealand to start my three month fly fishing […]

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