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Fly fishing in Atlanta Georgia

I’m up at 30,000 feet on my way to Panama and I just had to write about my most recent layover in Atlanta Georgia. My friend Brian Shinall lives there and invited me in to his home for a few days while I waited for my flight. Brian took me out for a birthday party […]

The Sheepy 2017

During the first four days of practice for the sheepy tournament my good friend Hollis Bennett joined us as our own personal photographer. I got to know Hollis last year in New Zealand through our mutual friend Jeff Forsee. Have a look back at this old blog post to read about our epic adventure in […]

Fly fishing in the Florida keys

After all the madness in the marsh I would have been a fool not to take up my friends offer to join her in the Florida Keys. Jim tagged along too and before you know it we were sipping cocktails in a fancy little beach bar eating fresh grouper tacos. I had been to the […]

My first Sheepshead on the fly

It was hard to beat yesterday all together. Yesterday was one of the most exciting fishing days I have ever had. It was so good in fact that today you couldn’t help but feel as if the fishing was going to suck. Jim and I approached our first big mud around 9 am. We were […]

Day 3 – Madness in the Marsh

I have to say New Orleans was getting the best of me because we had two days where the weather was terrible so we visited bourbon street, played mini golf with beers, went out for crab cakes, crashed a party after a horse race and went out into the city until the late/early hours of […]

Day two in New Orleans

Today we started our day at an iconic breakfast spot situated next to the lower ninth ward, ground zero for hurricane Katrina. We walked into Penny’s cafe and I immediately felt the rich fly fishing history. It seemed like every other table was filled with a guide and clients. I went to the bathroom and […]

First day red fishing in Louisiana

Leaving the Jackson Hole airport can be tricky. A serious winter storm warning was in effect and I had a plane to catch and a connection to New Orleans to make. The de-icing always takes longer than you think and I was getting nervous. When we hit the ground I was running to make my […]

Fly Fishing in Phoenix Arizona

I had the chance to fish to some of the most elusive and weary carp of my life recently in Phoenix Arizona with my friend Ryan Russell, owner of Arizona fly fishing adventures. What’s great about Ryan and this story in general is that I had never met Ryan before. Furthermore, a quick search on […]

Guides trip 2016

Last weekend was one for the books. Our annual guide’s trip took place in Thermopolis Wyoming on the Bighorn and Wind river canyon. It was a party of epic proportions where fishing came second to floating a beautiful river with great friends. I was excited to drive the four hours with my good friend/fellow guide […]

When time forgot about us

I remember walking a flat to my self with little snake island to my left and Saudi Arabia across the way and I was humming some old coutry tune over and over again. For some reason I kept repeating one verse in my head that went “O come angel band, come around me stand, bare […]

Day 10 – Think about the possibilities!

This morning we decided one team was going to tease off of the pinnacles, while Mike Lasota, Mike Bosma and I decided to walk the amazing flat from yesterday. I had lucid bonefish dreams from the evening before and the thought of walking that flat again and possibly seeing those big bonefish and big milkies […]

Day 9 – The pinnacle of the sport

Today was the day that I would officially melt into the Red Sea. This was our second day without wind and I had a panic attack nearly every half hour. There was no escaping it. A sip of water here in Sudan is a liter and a half. I literally couldn’t keep liquid inside of […]

Day 8 – GT school

Today was not a friendly day on the Red Sea off of the coast of Sudan. We had a kick ass breakfast, with kick ass coffee, with my kick ass friends, in a kick ass corner of the world. But as it turns out, today would kick our asses and test our allegiance to the […]

Day 7 – A day of redemption

My sinus infection was really catching up to me now and I was feeling beat down. The other boys knew I wasn’t feeling good and they did their best to encourage me. As always our days started with good coffee, a little social time, re rigging shredded leaders, and generally trying to keep our calm […]

Day 6 – The one that got away

When we woke up on the morning of May 14, our first full day in Sudan our boat crew had prepared us a kick ass breakfast of crepes and nutella, good coffee, Sudanese flat bread, eggs, and fresh fruit. Our plan was to motor for a couple hours and get to a remote flat where […]

Day 5 – Bound for the Scuba

It was an early morning when we woke up to head to the airport to catch our flight to Sudan. I met Mike in the lobby for breakfast and we caught a ride from our go to taxi driver Sair, who had now become our friend. This was the start of something. It was a […]

Day 4 – It’s just something you feel

After a somewhat rowdy night (Middle Eastern standards) I was able to sleep in a bit this morning, which was necessary as I had now developed some sort of sinus infection due to the constant dust and dirt in the air, combined with the 110 degree consistent day time temps and the air conditioning everywhere. […]

Day 3 – Arabian nights

We were up early again on our third day in paradise. Mike and I are not used to arabian corn flakes for breakfast so we ate leftover sausage and lamb chops and guzzled a few cups of coffee, a true champions breakfast. We hit the water again trying to beat the early morning heat. It’s […]

Day 1 – The straits of Hormuz

Day one started off with a blast and boy I love traveling. The madness of the airports where everyone is somebody for a minute, the whole world is there at your fingertips if only for a second. Like when I had a layover in Paris don’t think for a second I’m not going to drink […]

Carp tails

I’m up here at 30,000 feet flying over the North Atlantic listening to Bob Marley. I’m headed to one of the most incredible places (so I’m told) for chasing fish on saltwater flats. In 12 hours I will step foot in Dubai for the first time followed by Oman and finally ending my trip in […]

Cutty’s creek

I just walked in the door from a fishing trip with Neil Chamberlin, Scott Smith, Ben Brennan, and  Chris Doeberl. All good fishing mates from over the years. We had an awesome time with many big fish caught, elk burgers demolished, cuban cigars smoked, and yes many beers downed. We were planning on fishing two […]

Snake River Report

Scott Smith Paul Frank and I had an incredible day floating our favorite Snake River section yesterday. I had a whole list of shit to get done before my upcoming fly fishing trip to Sudan, Oman, and Dubai but when Scott called me at 7 am of course I said yes let’s go fishing. The weather […]

He offered me the universe

I’m sitting here in the Queenstown airport sipping on a Steinlager. I’m worried my flight won’t make it in tonight as the flight before mine was canceled and the weather in Queenstown continues to look ominous. Oh well it’s not something I can control so I’ll kick my feet up and tell a story about […]

The fish of a lifetime

I will keep this quick as I’m literally packing up the van and heading to Christchurch to watch my friends compete in the New Zealand clay shooting championships. I just had another once in a lifetime fly fishing experience and caught the brown trout of a lifetime! I will write about it soon, for now […]

Yellowtail on the flats

I just had the number one most incredible fly fishing experience of my life with Tony Entwistle and Bob Bourdon. We were planning on going trout fishing for a few days until I offered the idea to try to chase King Fish or (yellowtail) on the flats. An absurd idea it was that caught on […]

When time stood still

Chris and I were packing up our things in Bryan Wilson’s yard when Bryan came out to chat about the weather. He said it had been so dry for so long that when it rains the water will not soak into the ground at first, and that it will run right off the hillside. We […]

Like a pig in shit

I have been fortunate to meet a few new friends while here in New Zealand. Jeff Forsee and pro photographer Hollis Bennett. After my arrival in Queenstown where I visited with a few friends and bought new tires for the van, I went North to link up with these two characters and to chase a few […]

Quick update

Time is flying by here in New Zealand and I cant believe I only have a month left in Paradise. Our latest river trip resulted in a massive flood that we almost got swept away in. Im happy to be here to write about it. Too much fishing and too little blogging is a good […]

Arrival in New Zealand

After a mix up at the airport in Queenstown I have made it to my friend Nick Clarks house. A lady took my bag that looked identical to hers and ran out of the terminal. I was left with a bag that looked similar to mine but was full of pantyhose and women’s designer clothing […]

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