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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Hard work pays

Two days ago we emerged from the woods after spending 6 days in one of the most remote places in New Zealand. We Hired a helicopter to drop us off in this remote area so we could spend our time fishing two rivers that were high on our list. We got flown in last Monday […]

Heli Trip

We just got back to civilization after spending six days in the bush. We took a helicopter deep into the bush, to focus on fishing two remote rivers. We had an amazing time, not a single drop of rain, lots of fish, and I got one really big fish… Expect stories to come over the […]

Fishing with Tony Entwistle

We had the privilege of fishing with long time guide and fly fishing pioneer Tony Entwistle yesterday. Tony is great friends with my boss Jack Dennis in Wyoming, and knows alot of the same people that i know, because after all the fly fishing community throughout this world is quite small. I had always heard […]

Fishing with Henry

We took Henry Winter fishing the other day. Henry lives in one of the best places in the world to fly fish for trout. Henry has been practicing in his backyard and i have been helping him. I can tell he is in to it, and from this point forward I think Henry is a […]

Complete your mission

Our Buddy James Fraser has joined our team aboard our “New Zealand Fly Fishing Traverse.” James lives in Victor Idaho doing fisheries studies for Friends of the Teton River, where he gets to spend every possible second fishing, tagging, floating, and overall studying the local trout populations in the Teton Valley. James knows a thing […]