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Getting ready for New Zealand

Every year as the guide season comes to an end I look into the possibility of exploring fly fishing opportunities in other countries. In the past I have worked on sail boats in Fiji, lived out of a camper van in New Zealand, and backpacked around South America to name a few. Now this lifestyle isn’t for everybody but somehow it seems to suit me. I could never accept the option of be coming a missing person or watching, conditions worsen being an unfinished version. I’ve always wanted to make my own path in life. So on the 15th of December I fly to Queenstown New Zealand to pick up my camper van that I will call home for three months. In the meantime I have organization to do. Making various piles of camping gear, fishing gear etc.

Furthermore I just got news that my good friend Jeff Currier flew to the Seychelles to help a friend host a last minute trip. He will be posting his adventures on his website.

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  • paul on February 22, 2016

    nice net! glad your ok

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