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On the third day the river calmed down enough to fish. We woke in the morning and ate our oatmeal and had our tea, and walked out to the sand flies and a helicopter landed right in front of us. It was a guide and his two clients, he got out and asked us which river we were going to fish because we were at a confluence, and because we were there first we had the choice between the two. I had my mind made up months ago on what we were going to fish so i told him and he got back in his Helicopter and flew away. Sky and i walked all day up this river and saw 4 fish. It just so happened the last pool we stopped at i actually saw a feeding fish. After watching him for some time i knew what he was eating, so i rigged up and first cast he ate my fly. Sky had to swim a bit for this fish and i really appreciated his effort. This six pound beauty ate an unweighted size 14 hares ear nymph, in a foot of water.

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