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More rain

Sky and I moved north after tailing Lambs and decided to go for it again. So we loaded up on food for 3 days of backpacking and fishing and walked in to a backcountry hut where it decided to pour rain the moment we got there. We spent 2 days sitting in the rain, Sky read an entire book, I stared at the wall…

6 hours sitting in the rain







twelve hours sitting in the rain…








This is what a day and a half of sitting in the rain will do to you. Now i dont mind rain but you cant fish a NZ river when its flooding.

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  • Kristi on December 13, 2011

    Hey Josh! Pix n blog are wonderful.. thanks so much for sharing. Nice to have a little vicarious adventure. BTW Sky, noticed in your rainbound pix that Unk Crusty’s humor lives on…pretty funny! We love you guys.

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