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After our voyage to Milford Sound Sky and I backpacked up a small river for 2 days of fishing on a remote river and staying in a backcountry hut. The first day in it started to rain on us and the whole 2 days we were there the river was high and there were few fish to be found. We left felling good because we were back in our element, and on trail but the fishing was no good, so we decided to pack it up and head out to meet up with my friend Brent Winter, who was to teach us how to tail lambs, and in exchange for our help on the farm, he would allow us to fish his friends private spring creek. That sounded better than sitting in the rain. So north we went.

Now The man whos farm we were working on said we had to tail 300 lambs before we could fish so we put on our gnarly boots and got right to work. After the work was done, we went fishin…








Sky caught this 5 pound pig in a creek as wide as the road as as shallow as your hand. I spotted him sipping in a riffle and sky put a perfect cast down and stuck him. Hard days work…

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  • Kent Sr & Grammy Hayward on December 26, 2011

    Wicked good pics.Love to try that Fish,keep the pics rolling in.How long are in NZ ??Whats next??

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