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May the wind take your troubles away

Today is my first day off in 36 days and I wish I was guiding. I tried to sleep in this morning but popped out of bed early and started on projects that have been pushed aside for far too long. My garden, my truck, this blog post etc. Life is fast paced during the summer here in Jackson hole, I don’t know whether im coming or going some days. The season started out strong with many days spent on the Green River, the South Fork, the Snake, and the Fire hole. The rest of the season is projected┬áto continue as is, with high flows from the Jackson Lake Dam dropping 500 cfs every two weeks. Mid september should be some of the best fishing we have seen in 100 years! Enjoy these photos from the last 2 months!_MG_3630_MG_2006 _MG_2047_MG_2069_MG_1982_MG_1970_MG_2371_MG_3646_MG_3352

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