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First Tarpon on a beach in the middle of nowhere

Blah blah blah im on a deserted island with no chance of fly fishing success until I met a friend through the Whole Wide World of the internet. He says to me he says, walk this way go past the abandoned blah and scale the cliffs and keep going until you see the pelicans bait bombing. I took off on this journey with gusto and gratitude, excited to get out in the world again. The cement of the city smells like the end of the line, like the stench of a dogs ass, like the infinite awareness of dawn. Nevertheless glad to be moving forward with cold feet lunch forgot, that’s the way to fish.
Not knowing what to expect while hiking on, I looked up and saw 10 pelicans feeding in front of me 20 feet off the beach. When I got closer I saw multiple 60-80lb tarpon rolling in the bait ball. I literally started saying oh my god oh my god over and over out loud while I strung up my sage ten weight and tied on my blah fly with a non slip mono loop. I immediatley started hooking fish! The fish were feeding off and on and surrounded themselves with small pompano and big eye jacks, body guards for the massive tarpon. During this blitz it was pouring rain on me but I didn’t care. I only had a few hours of daylight left so I continued to fish until dark. The next day I ran straight to that same beach first thing in the morning and sure enough the birds were feeding and so were the fish. I continued to catch numerous jacks and tarpon the rest of the day. That’s it for tonight, next month I will be heading to New Zealand to explore that country and its remote fisheries. Stay Tuned!!IMG_1649.JPG

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