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Fishing in New Zealand requires a higher order of stream craft, more than any other type of fishing. And usually it helps to have a friend to take pictures and furthermore help spot fish while on the water. Well I dont have any friends. So I have to be resourceful and do everything on my own. I fished on my own the other day and remembered why I come to New Zealand. The number of big fish here is remarkable. Yesterday I fished a river right off the main highway and had one of the best days of my life getting my ass kicked by big trout. I walked about ten miles and at one point found a beautiful gin clear spring creek with lush green plants and ice cold water shallow as your hand. As I walked closer I could see two hefty Brown trout sipping tiny flies from the surface. I laid out my 15 foot 4x leader beautifully and the biggest brown charged my fly like a torpedo. When he went to the surface to eat he slowed down so much I thought he was going to refuse it. But when he nudged it with his nose then sipped it I had the tenacity to wait and say god save the queen very slowly and set the hook. To my Surprise he had not closed his mouth on it and  I missed the fish!!  All hell broke loose after that, and the entire spring creek spooked and huge trout everywhere were looking for shelter. All I could do was laugh and yell the F word (fuck) and stare and day dream about that moment for a while.

I have recently picked up my cousins who were traveling around Australia for a while on their first long exploratory trip. I picked the them up in Queenstown the other day. Needless to say  were really enjoying this country and the warm south pacific air. Every day is an an adventure and you can bet were living well. Hope everyone had a great Christmas! We have plans to fish and explore new water so I’m excited to get out to places Ive never been.

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  • Luke Metherell on December 30, 2014

    I have to say I am jealous my friend, you are a great fisherman and have been trout bumming all over the world. I will get to New Zealand one of these days. I enjoy your writing, it gets the point across without being over zealous. I myself and still finding this balance in my writing on my blog, it is good to see you are living it up bud. Happy holidays and tight lines out there.

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