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Arrival in New Zealand

After a mix up at the airport in Queenstown I have made it to my friend Nick Clarks house. A lady took my bag that looked identical to hers and ran out of the terminal. I was left with a bag that looked similar to mine but was full of pantyhose and women’s designer clothing and I immediately assumed what had happened. Thankfully, after she drove three hours away from the airport, she had the sense to read the BIG baggage tag with all of my information on it. She was quite upset and tried to blame me and I just laughed it off! The past few days were spent re connecting with old friends, cooking, sampling the fine Sauvignon blanc New Zealand has to offer, and getting the van situated. I’m good as gold now and really ready to hit the road with Rodney (my fly rod). Literally heading north right now to meet up with my friend Jeff Forsee to chase trout for a few days!  


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