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Monthly Archives: July 2012


I had the privilege to fish private water in Idaho the other day with my buddy James Fraser. James works for Friends of the Teton River, spending his days studying rivers, and creeks, and fish, often times with a fly rod in his hand. Fortunately our job that day was to catch as many fish […]


This place is amazing, no matter where I go in the world I always love coming back home. Wyoming is one of the best places on earth, with numerous lakes, rivers, open spaces, grass, flowers, blue sky, more animals than people, dirt, rocks, and mountains. No matter where I go I carry where I’m from. […]


I am finally home after an awesome winter of Fly Fishing travel and Sailing Through Fiji. Before I Talk about this summer and guiding I want to share a few more pics from Fiji. The last 2 weeks on the boat we were all extras in a Bollywood movie, Dancing on the beach, walking the […]