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Sky and i have successfully made it out of Christchurch after loading up on food for three months of river trips. More of the same, two Tasti bars each per day, 4 pounds of oatmeal, 50 tortillas, 20 jars of PB&J, 5 pounds of rice, and pasta, lentils, tea, and all the fixins in between. After Gasing up we were gone. We drove up over Lewis Pass twords the little town of Murchison, where I stayed 2 years ago last time i was in NZ. I have great friends here, Lynn and Brent Winter, who own the kiwi park in Murchison and their kids Dan, Henry, and Adelaide. They run a beautiful Backpacker style campground/hostel with beautiful accomodations. Sky and I were ready to get our feet wet, after two months talking/planning this fishing trip we were ready to fish. We just got back from a 5 day backpacking fishing trip on a remote river and it was a huge success. Despite 3 days of rain we fought through it and came out on top. We were careful where we pitched our tents as flash flooding can be an issue during heavy rain. It was great to get out on trail again with Sky and to sight fish to 5 pound brown trout in gin clear creeks. Here are some Pictures of the Fish we were lucky enough to catch. Good start to a three month trip.


Sky showing us all a thing or two…


Beautiful Brown..





  • Aunt Sue on December 6, 2011

    Joshua, Your Mom told us you were blogging your trip and when I got up at 6:30 this morning Uncle Kent already had it open, having been reading it. He was nowhere to be found so I sat down to marvel at your pictues and read about your adventures. I was visualizing everything you described, loving the photographs of you and Sky and those gorgeous fish, and scrolled down to read about the day you bought the car. Josh, when I saw that you named the car Marissa it brought tears of joy to my eyes. What a beautiful thing to do! If that car is anything like Marissa then it will be full of spunk, a bit sassy, definelty a spitfiire, and will be completely loyal and true, ready for any adventure. Josh, you are amazing, and all of us wish you and Sky the trip of a lifetime, with many more to come after this. Love you around the world and back ~ Aunt Sue

  • Robin Gallivan on December 6, 2011

    Josh it was great talking with you last night. These pictures are amazing, the fish are beautiful. Have fun on your kayaking trip. Love you!

  • Mark on December 9, 2011

    Looks good Josh

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