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Abaco Lodge, Bahamas

After many months planning and dreaming about this epic trip to the Bahamas with our group of 14, Scott Smith and I were almost packed and ready to go. I packed my things and unpacked my things then repacked my things, anxiously waiting to hit the road. To hell with this I thought, if it’s […]

Anaa Atoll

After nearly a year planning this trip we are finally here and enjoying this island paradise! – From my Journal entry for day one. This was the view from our hotel on our layover day in Tahiti before jumping on our departure flight to Anaa. Good times ahead! We had a whole day to explore […]

2018 guides trip a huge success

Our end of the year guides trip was one for the books. After a long season teaching and guiding, it was time for us all to act like kids again and go fishing. With our drift boats in tow, we left the Jackson grocery store with loads of delicious meats and a keg of good […]

Spring on the Green River

Jess and I are just returning form an incredible 4 days camping and fishing along the famed A section of the Green River below flaming gorge dam. Fishing below a dam is so fun and hypocritical of me since I don’t like dams. Like Mr. Chouinard once said, “If you’re against a dam then you […]

The running of the bulls in the redneck riviera

Immediately following our trip to the Bahamas, I flew to Pensacola Florida to join Jess and Scott Smith for a couple days chasing redfish on the redneck riviera. I had never been to this area before so of course it was exciting to fish new water during the very exciting running of the bulls. We met […]

Fly Fishing Jenny Lake

For years, Jenny lake has been one of my favorite places to fly fish. Most people avoid lakes all together because they don’t know how to fish them. It’s one of my favorite environments to catch fish in, and it is great practice when it comes to feeding much bigger saltwater fish on the flats. […]


August started with a broken motor mount on Yellowstone Lake. Luckily Anderson and Becker were cool about it and were happy just listening to trap music and eating fried chicken. I fished with Bill and Paula who are long time regulars who I’ve always loved fishing with. We floated the dam stretch and had superb […]


Michael, Cady, and Catherine from Humbolt, and Connor and Laura from Houston. Both new sets of friends. George and Eligh getting there butts kicked on Lewis Lake, then Jeff, Ben, and Nick putting on a whitefish clinic from SLC. Also had the pleasure of fishing with Sam and Pete who were first timers from Illinois, […]

The Henrys fork marathon

In between lewis lake trips and the madness of the firehole, I was able to escape for a day recently and join a few good friends for our annual Henrys fork marathon. I first fished in the marathon in my early days working for Jeff Currier about nine years ago. Jeff and I had the same […]

Fly Fishing Jenny Lake

Jess and I decided to make a run for one of our favorite lakes yesterday. Jenny lake in Grand Teton National Park has always been one of my favorite early and late season fisheries. With the high water this year most of our rivers in the area are flooded. Run off has peaked so we […]

Fly Fishing Yellowstone Lake

I had the most epic day of fly fishing in my life yesterday with Dave Smith and Scott Smith, two of our top guides at Grand Teton Fly Fishing. Scott is head guide and owner of the company, while Dave is a long time fish head, and probably the best fly tyer in the valley. Scott […]

Fly fishing in the Bahamas Nov 11-16, 2017 ONE SPOT LEFT!!

Abaco Lodge Bahamas, Nov 11-16 2017. Hosted trip with Josh Gallivan. I’m very excited to bring seven anglers to the Abacos this November. I Caught my first Bonefish there while on a sailing trip through the Bahamas 8 years ago! I’ll never forget the expansive white sand flats where the fly fishing possibilities were endless. Now […]

Fly fishing with Steve Buck

Some of you may know who Steve Buck is and some of you won’t. Regardless of your preconceived notions of who he is I’ll tell you, he is a legend. I have had the privilege of fishing with Steve for years now. We have had some incredible times together exploring some of the best rivers […]


After an epic time peacock bass fishing we had to eventually say goodbye to our friends. We had a new plan to head Southwest along the coast line to try to fish somewhere along the Pacific Ocean. Our goal was to ultimately pull up in a neat town, probably crack a beer, and most likely […]

My first Peacock bass

For those just tuning in I’m in Panama after nearly flipping the van on a steep hillside and jackknifing the trailer. We thought we were doomed when all of the sudden a few locals drove up and pulled us up the rest of the hill and the three hills after. When the wheels hit pavement […]

Panama Days 1-3

It all started on my friend Patrick Joy’s lawn in Northern California earlier this year when we were decompressing from his wedding standing around in the sun drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes but sadly, going our separate ways. We were all so happy about the long night and longer weekend and didn’t want the fun […]

Fly fishing in Atlanta Georgia

I’m up at 30,000 feet on my way to Panama and I just had to write about my most recent layover in Atlanta Georgia. My friend Brian Shinall lives there and invited me in to his home for a few days while I waited for my flight. Brian took me out for a birthday party […]

The Sheepy 2017

During the first four days of practice for the sheepy tournament my good friend Hollis Bennett joined us as our own personal photographer. I got to know Hollis last year in New Zealand through our mutual friend Jeff Forsee. Have a look back at this old blog post to read about our epic adventure in […]

My first Sheepshead on the fly

It was hard to beat yesterday all together. Yesterday was one of the most exciting fishing days I have ever had. It was so good in fact that today you couldn’t help but feel as if the fishing was going to suck. Jim and I approached our first big mud around 9 am. We were […]

Day 3 – Madness in the Marsh

I have to say New Orleans was getting the best of me because we had two days where the weather was terrible so we visited bourbon street, played mini golf with beers, went out for crab cakes, crashed a party after a horse race and went out into the city until the late/early hours of […]

Day two in New Orleans

Today we started our day at an iconic breakfast spot situated next to the lower ninth ward, ground zero for hurricane Katrina. We walked into Penny’s cafe and I immediately felt the rich fly fishing history. It seemed like every other table was filled with a guide and clients. I went to the bathroom and […]

Fly Fishing in Phoenix Arizona

I had the chance to fish to some of the most elusive and weary carp of my life recently in Phoenix Arizona with my friend Ryan Russell, owner of Arizona fly fishing adventures. What’s great about Ryan and this story in general is that I had never met Ryan before. Furthermore, a quick search on […]

Guides trip 2016

Last weekend was one for the books. Our annual guide’s trip took place in Thermopolis Wyoming on the Bighorn and Wind river canyon. It was a party of epic proportions where fishing came second to floating a beautiful river with great friends. I was excited to drive the four hours with my good friend/fellow guide […]

When time forgot about us

I remember walking a flat to my self with little snake island to my left and Saudi Arabia across the way and I was humming some old coutry tune over and over again. For some reason I kept repeating one verse in my head that went “O come angel band, come around me stand, bare […]


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