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Day 3 – Arabian nights

We were up early again on our third day in paradise. Mike and I are not used to arabian corn flakes for breakfast so we ate leftover sausage and lamb chops and guzzled a few cups of coffee, a true champions breakfast. We hit the water again trying to beat the early morning heat. It’s […]

Carp tails

I’m up here at 30,000 feet flying over the North Atlantic listening to Bob Marley. I’m headed to one of the most incredible places (so I’m told) for chasing fish on saltwater flats. In 12 hours I will step foot in Dubai for the first time followed by Oman and finally ending my trip in […]

Cutty’s creek

I just walked in the door from a fishing trip with Neil Chamberlin, Scott Smith, Ben Brennan, and  Chris Doeberl. All good fishing mates from over the years. We had an awesome time with many big fish caught, elk burgers demolished, cuban cigars smoked, and yes many beers downed. We were planning on fishing two […]

Snake River Report

Scott Smith Paul Frank and I had an incredible day floating our favorite Snake River section yesterday. I had a whole list of shit to get done before my upcoming fly fishing trip to Sudan, Oman, and Dubai but when Scott called me at 7 am of course I said yes let’s go fishing. The weather […]

He offered me the universe

I’m sitting here in the Queenstown airport sipping on a Steinlager. I’m worried my flight won’t make it in tonight as the flight before mine was canceled and the weather in Queenstown continues to look ominous. Oh well it’s not something I can control so I’ll kick my feet up and tell a story about […]

The fish of a lifetime

I will keep this quick as I’m literally packing up the van and heading to Christchurch to watch my friends compete in the New Zealand clay shooting championships. I just had another once in a lifetime fly fishing experience and caught the brown trout of a lifetime! I will write about it soon, for now […]

Yellowtail on the flats

I just had the number one most incredible fly fishing experience of my life with Tony Entwistle and Bob Bourdon. We were planning on going trout fishing for a few days until I offered the idea to try to chase King Fish or (yellowtail) on the flats. An absurd idea it was that caught on […]

When time stood still

Chris and I were packing up our things in Bryan Wilson’s yard when Bryan came out to chat about the weather. He said it had been so dry for so long that when it rains the water will not soak into the ground at first, and that it will run right off the hillside. We […]

Like a pig in shit

I have been fortunate to meet a few new friends while here in New Zealand. Jeff Forsee and pro photographer Hollis Bennett. After my arrival in Queenstown where I visited with a few friends and bought new tires for the van, I went North to link up with these two characters and to chase a few […]

Quick update

Time is flying by here in New Zealand and I cant believe I only have a month left in Paradise. Our latest river trip resulted in a massive flood that we almost got swept away in. Im happy to be here to write about it. Too much fishing and too little blogging is a good […]

Arrival in New Zealand

After a mix up at the airport in Queenstown I have made it to my friend Nick Clarks house. A lady took my bag that looked identical to hers and ran out of the terminal. I was left with a bag that looked similar to mine but was full of pantyhose and women’s designer clothing […]

Hosted trip to Argentina April 16-24, 2016

I’m excited to announce I’m hosting my first trip to Patagonia Argentina April 16-24, 2016. This is a bucket list trip that includes four of Argentina’s best rivers, while visiting two of Argentina’s best Fly fishing lodges. We will be visiting my friends Jorge and Felipe Trucco, who own Patagonia Outfitters. Relax daily after world […]

2015 – A fantastic year in review

Life in 2015 was as good as I could imagine. I managed to visit three countries outside of the United States. I went to New Zealand for my third time and spent three fantastic months living out of a camper van chasing the gigantic and beautiful brown trout that inhabit those crystal clear mountain streams. […]

Currier’s 50th birthday bash

With the end of summer came some incredible outings with some great friends. My good friend Jeff Currier turned 50 and most of us managed to make it to Island Park Idaho to celebrate. While most of the group was already in Idaho celebrating, Mike Lasota and I managed to sneak away from any crowds and […]

Earning Top Guide in the One Fly was not easy, but like a Trout from its lie, I rose to the occasion.

The 30th annual Jackson Hole One Fly competition took place last weekend and what a fun time it was.  I was happy to be involved in an event that donates all the raised money towards conservation, stream restoration, Trout Unlimited, and various other non profits that focus on protecting our fish and the beautiful places […]


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