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We dropped Michael off at the airport today, after 2 weeks of exploring flooded rivers, the fishing remained a constant challenge. We fished every day while Michael was here, doing day trips and also 2 day backpacking trips, It was alot of fun to have a third in our group for a while. The truth is im pretty tired now, im back in Christchurch and there was another set of earthquakes just yesterday, and sitting here in our room we just felt a little aftershock. Its pretty sad to drive around the city right now, its a deserted ghost town like you would see in a zombie movie. I think this will be our last time in Christchurch…We had a great Christmas tho, we spent it in a little town called Kaikoura, which is a surf town on the north east corner of the island. We had a nice Christmas eve dinner, and were able to save some time for a few cold beers at the local pub. Usually Christmas to me means hanging out with Family on a snowy day in Wyoming. Its nice to be here in NZ in board shorts and a tank top on the beach tho…So heres a few shots from the last two weeks, Michael and I with a miracle fish i caught in a flooded river on his first day in NZ, and a shot of the van.

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