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Fishing with Tony Entwistle

We had the privilege of fishing with long time guide and fly fishing pioneer Tony Entwistle yesterday. Tony is great friends with my boss Jack Dennis in Wyoming, and knows alot of the same people that i know, because after all the fly fishing community throughout this world is quite small. I had always heard of Tony, and finally met him through some friendsĀ here at the Kiwi Park. When Tony invited us fishing I knew for sure it would be a great experience, and i couldn’t miss this for the world. We all caught fish, but that was not the point for me, I wonder if that’s really ever the point? We did a shuttle with both of our cars, dropped our car off put all our gear in his car and drove downstream. I didn’t want to hold anyone up so I threw my gear on as quick as I could and tried my best to keep up. We started walking upstream and immediately starting seeing fish, ( I mean Tony starting seeing fish…) We were looking so hard I almost went cross eyed at one point, I was trying my best to spot fish before Tony but it never happened. I couldn’t even keep up with him while we were walking and then when we finally got to a good pool I felt like I wanted to spend 10 minutes on a pool but he would dismiss it in under a minute. Overall a great day spent with a Fly Fishing legend! Thanks alot for a great day Tony I cant wait to take you fishing when you come to Wyoming!


  • Tony Entwistle on January 22, 2012

    That was a great day out for me too Josh. It’s always a privilege to spend time on the river with guys as enthusiastic as Sky, James and you … and you all really fished well. I look forward to the day when we can really get amongst the fish. Thanks for your kind words although now I know that I really am one of the ‘old boys’ in fishing! It doesn’t seem that long ago that Jack Dennis and I were the ones doing all the ‘learning’ of our fishery. Bruce (dog) and I had a fun time … hope the rest of your adventure continues to be successful.

  • Catherine Bourassa on February 9, 2012

    I love reading about your adventures! You have inspired me. I cant spend to much time commenting on your blog because “I need to get out and do something!” Love you.
    Safe travels.

  • Ethan on March 9, 2012

    Hey, my uncle Kevin McTigue told me about this website! I share your passion for fishing! My dog would be doing the same thing in the picture above. You are my fishing hero! Keep up the good work! Save a seat for me on the next helicopter trip (in the summer – still have school šŸ™ Ethan

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