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Hello Everyone! I hope your all well. I’m in Fiji and have been for almost 2 weeks. I will be here for the next two months living on a sailboat with some Friends, Fly-Fishing, Spear fishing, and exploring some amazing islands. We have been in the marina for 2 weeks prepping the boat for 2 months at sea. There are no Supermarkets where we are going, there are no conveniences of home. We are headed to the Lau group, which is eastern most Fiji, actually closer to Tonga than to Fiji. The people of these islands ate each other as early as 30 years ago. Its going to be an amazing trip and I will try to write when possible. We have an amazing four person crew. I will fish every day so expect to see some great fish pictures.

  • James on May 1, 2012

    Let’s hear what you’re seeing. I can tell you’re near the water.. what’s in it? Thrown a fly yet? I need to know man.

  • Ron Miller on May 24, 2012

    This blog is epic! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  • Scott Smith on May 28, 2012

    Josh, hope things are going well for you in Fiji! I am psyched for you getting it done at such a young age, live it up bro. When will you be back to guide?

  • Catherine Bourassa on May 29, 2012


  • Paul McCann on June 4, 2012

    Hi Josh,

    I am praying for your safety and that your relationships are strong and healthy. Tell me, have you been experiencing unexplainable events?…if so, you may be wondering how awesome our Creater God is? May you be abundantely blessed !!!!!

    Uncle Paul

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