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This place is amazing, no matter where I go in the world I always love coming back home. Wyoming is one of the best places on earth, with numerous lakes, rivers, open spaces, grass, flowers, blue sky, more animals than people, dirt, rocks, and mountains. No matter where I go I carry where I’m from. A few days after I got home I got a call from my Buddy Jeff Currier to meet him at the Henry’s fork for the annual Ranch Marathon. He also mentioned our good buddy Mike Lesota was driving all the way from Portland Oregon to be there for it. So I better be there. I started packing my truck with camping gear and called my buddy James Fraser (who I spent the winter in NZ with) and told him Id be picking him up in Driggs. The marathon is kind of a big deal, and no matter how hard we party the night before we always wake up at 6 am to get the day going. The marathon is from sunrise to sunset fishing from the log jam all the way to Osbourne bridge followed by draft beers and massive Trout hunter burgers.

Camp at the gravel pits

Beer can burgers at the gravel pits

The fishing was tough. I didn’t catch a fish all 15 hours and the white caps were big. You couldn’t tell which way the water was flowing it was blowing so hard. We finished up the day of fishing with beer and food, and Woke very early in the morning to get home and get the day started.

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