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Pigs in Paradise

As my 2014 guide season begins i’m restless. I have just come back from six months of travel. Sailing halfway across the world, island hopping alone, lonely, homeless, making friends, saying goodbye to brothers. 9 countries visited and many fish caught. The Caribbean is abeautiful place. ¬†As life goes on it is important to maintain relationships and keep in contact with people that you care about. And to catch as many fish as possible. And to listen to the birds. And to watch every sunset. And to be a good listener. And watch the aspen leaves pop. And learn something new dingblast it. I love Carp fishing. Every year the Carp Classic is something I look forward to from other countries months in advance. Its the first time all of my Jackson Hole guide friends get together for a weekend of debauchery and carp fishing._MG_3179_MG_3210_MG_3215_MG_3186

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