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Monthly Archives: December 2011

First Fish

More stories to come tomorrow, for now i will leave you with a picture of Michaels first New Zealand brown trout.(It also happens to be the biggest fish of the trip yet for any of us). Way to go Voges, 6.5 pound brown trout.

This is Fly

Heres a few action shots from the last 2 weeks, the fishing has been a bit slow so i had to compensate with every day life shots instead.  


We dropped Michael off at the airport today, after 2 weeks of exploring flooded rivers, the fishing remained a constant challenge. We fished every day while Michael was here, doing day trips and also 2 day backpacking trips, It was alot of fun to have a third in our group for a while. The truth […]

A few quiet ones

We have recently come back from an amazing adventure with 2 friends of ours from Jackson, Dave and Paul Cadenhead. They’re father and son and are in New Zealand travelling together for 2 weeks. We wanted to do something fun together so we decided to go sea kayaking in the Abel Tasman national park for […]


On the third day the river calmed down enough to fish. We woke in the morning and ate our oatmeal and had our tea, and walked out to the sand flies and a helicopter landed right in front of us. It was a guide and his two clients, he got out and asked us which […]

More rain

Sky and I moved north after tailing Lambs and decided to go for it again. So we loaded up on food for 3 days of backpacking and fishing and walked in to a backcountry hut where it decided to pour rain the moment we got there. We spent 2 days sitting in the rain, Sky […]

Moving along

After our voyage to Milford Sound Sky and I backpacked up a small river for 2 days of fishing on a remote river and staying in a backcountry hut. The first day in it started to rain on us and the whole 2 days we were there the river was high and there were few […]

Its summertime and the livin is easy

This Country is amazing. I love the people and the culture and the mountains and the fish and the ocean. It has been a month into our travels and everything is great. The van is holding on just fine, the fish are big and hard to hold, and the beer is plenty, everything else is […]