Josh Gallivan

Josh Gallivan

Reporting In...

More rain

Sky and I moved north after tailing Lambs and decided to go for it again. So we loaded up on food for 3 days of backpacking and fishing and walked in to a backcountry hut where it decided to pour rain the moment we got there. We spent 2 days sitting in the rain, Sky […]

Moving along

After our voyage to Milford Sound Sky and I backpacked up a small river for 2 days of fishing on a remote river and staying in a backcountry hut. The first day in it started to rain on us and the whole 2 days we were there the river was high and there were few […]

Out in It

Sky and i have successfully made it out of Christchurch after loading up on food for three months of river trips. More of the same, two Tasti bars each per day, 4 pounds of oatmeal, 50 tortillas, 20 jars of PB&J, 5 pounds of rice, and pasta, lentils, tea, and all the fixins in between. […]

We Do Our Part

Sky and I have finally made it out of Christchurch after a long awaited time. Christchurch is a ghost town, after the earthquakes half the city is fenced off and shut down, in ten years and 10 billion dollars later it should be rebuilt. Christchurch is losing 2000 people a week because alot of them […]


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