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Mash it up

Keep your eyes out I’m revamping my website and it should now be better than ever. I will try to consistently post photos and happenings.  


August finally came in with a blast that shook my house and augured little augusticity. I made raspberry jello the color of rubies in the setting sun. Mad raging sunsets poured in seafoams of cloud through unimaginable crags, with every rose tint of hope beyond, I felt just like it, brilliant and bleak beyond words. […]

A visionary’s wish

Im currently camped in front of a deserted bonefish flat by myself. I sleep in my hammock and battle the bugs at night. During the day im seeing cudas, sharks, jacks and alot of big bones! The first bone i saw the other day i caught, a hefty 7 lbs. I can’t believe I have […]


It all started in Minneapolis when I was unexpectedly upgraded to first class by a cute delta agent before boarding my plane to London. Within minutes I was sitting in my posh oversized seat drinking a mimosa eating shrimp cocktail dingblast it. During my flight I found it quite hard to get any sleep due […]

Guides trip 2013

  Every year 10 or so of the coolest guides on earth get together to take over the world. We at Grand Teton Fly Fishing know how to party. Our trip this year consisted of Scott Smith, Neil Chamberlin, Ben Brennan, Jeff Currier, Max Laprade, Tom Montgomery, Dave Smith, and myself. It was a great end of the year trip with […]

May the wind take your troubles away

Today is my first day off in 36 days and I wish I was guiding. I tried to sleep in this morning but popped out of bed early and started on projects that have been pushed aside for far too long. My garden, my truck, this blog post etc. Life is fast paced during the […]

Day Off

Once, I had a day off. So first thing I did was Call me buddy James Fraser. We put in about 16 hours of work and explored and fished and had a great time. I don’t get to fish too much on my own time anymore, (unless im in the Bahamas, New Zealand, Fiji or […]


The last few weeks have been crazy. The fishing has been amazing and the people I get to meet and fish with are even better. There is no end in sight! These following pictures should tell all.`


I had the privilege to fish private water in Idaho the other day with my buddy James Fraser. James works for Friends of the Teton River, spending his days studying rivers, and creeks, and fish, often times with a fly rod in his hand. Fortunately our job that day was to catch as many fish […]


This place is amazing, no matter where I go in the world I always love coming back home. Wyoming is one of the best places on earth, with numerous lakes, rivers, open spaces, grass, flowers, blue sky, more animals than people, dirt, rocks, and mountains. No matter where I go I carry where I’m from. […]


I am finally home after an awesome winter of Fly Fishing travel and Sailing Through Fiji. Before I Talk about this summer and guiding I want to share a few more pics from Fiji. The last 2 weeks on the boat we were all extras in a Bollywood movie, Dancing on the beach, walking the […]

Calm seas dont make good sailors

Alot has happened since the last time I wrote you all. I got to Fiji on April 12, and since then its been a crazy unexpected random chain of events, and its all been so awesome. We never made it to the Lau group like I had originally said, in fact Im not even on […]


Hello Everyone! I hope your all well. I’m in Fiji and have been for almost 2 weeks. I will be here for the next two months living on a sailboat with some Friends, Fly-Fishing, Spear fishing, and exploring some amazing islands. We have been in the marina for 2 weeks prepping the boat for 2 […]

On to new things

My last week in New Zealand was a quick tour of the South Island one more time, We had a few towns in mind that we hadn’t been able to see, Also Sky’s birthday was on the 31st, and we wanted to spend it in Queenstown. On the way down we camped a few nights […]

Hard work pays

Two days ago we emerged from the woods after spending 6 days in one of the most remote places in New Zealand. We Hired a helicopter to drop us off in this remote area so we could spend our time fishing two rivers that were high on our list. We got flown in last Monday […]

Heli Trip

We just got back to civilization after spending six days in the bush. We took a helicopter deep into the bush, to focus on fishing two remote rivers. We had an amazing time, not a single drop of rain, lots of fish, and I got one really big fish… Expect stories to come over the […]

Fishing with Tony Entwistle

We had the privilege of fishing with long time guide and fly fishing pioneer Tony Entwistle yesterday. Tony is great friends with my boss Jack Dennis in Wyoming, and knows alot of the same people that i know, because after all the fly fishing community throughout this world is quite small. I had always heard […]

Fishing with Henry

We took Henry Winter fishing the other day. Henry lives in one of the best places in the world to fly fish for trout. Henry has been practicing in his backyard and i have been helping him. I can tell he is in to it, and from this point forward I think Henry is a […]

Complete your mission

Our Buddy James Fraser has joined our team aboard our “New Zealand Fly Fishing Traverse.” James lives in Victor Idaho doing fisheries studies for Friends of the Teton River, where he gets to spend every possible second fishing, tagging, floating, and overall studying the local trout populations in the Teton Valley. James knows a thing […]

First Fish

More stories to come tomorrow, for now i will leave you with a picture of Michaels first New Zealand brown trout.(It also happens to be the biggest fish of the trip yet for any of us). Way to go Voges, 6.5 pound brown trout.

This is Fly

Heres a few action shots from the last 2 weeks, the fishing has been a bit slow so i had to compensate with every day life shots instead.  


We dropped Michael off at the airport today, after 2 weeks of exploring flooded rivers, the fishing remained a constant challenge. We fished every day while Michael was here, doing day trips and also 2 day backpacking trips, It was alot of fun to have a third in our group for a while. The truth […]

A few quiet ones

We have recently come back from an amazing adventure with 2 friends of ours from Jackson, Dave and Paul Cadenhead. They’re father and son and are in New Zealand travelling together for 2 weeks. We wanted to do something fun together so we decided to go sea kayaking in the Abel Tasman national park for […]


On the third day the river calmed down enough to fish. We woke in the morning and ate our oatmeal and had our tea, and walked out to the sand flies and a helicopter landed right in front of us. It was a guide and his two clients, he got out and asked us which […]

More rain

Sky and I moved north after tailing Lambs and decided to go for it again. So we loaded up on food for 3 days of backpacking and fishing and walked in to a backcountry hut where it decided to pour rain the moment we got there. We spent 2 days sitting in the rain, Sky […]

Moving along

After our voyage to Milford Sound Sky and I backpacked up a small river for 2 days of fishing on a remote river and staying in a backcountry hut. The first day in it started to rain on us and the whole 2 days we were there the river was high and there were few […]

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